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Our Core Values

We always do what we believe is right and have the courage and conviction to put it into practice, even when it might be easier not to. We are honest and straightforward and see our decisions through. We keep our promises and we don’t let people down. We seek out the facts and trust our judgment and we treat people as individuals and we look and listen for the little things that make a difference.

  • Cleaning

    We provides for all Commercial, Industrial,
    Retail & Strata cleaning services

  • Sustainability

    We help you reduce waste and your
    environmental impact

  • Quality Control

    See how Paramount's systems ensure
    consistent, high quality cleaning.

Some of Our Great Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

As commercial cleaning specialist’s, we have a highly capable, trustworthy team who work hard to provide the best cleaning services for you. Our team will discuss with your company a detailed cleaning schedule that will meet your budget and your specific needs. Our goal is to offer consistent, high quality work and reliable cleaning services with our operations manager available 24/7.

University Cleaning Services

Our team provides a cost effective, efficient and friendly service and our time flexibility is of benefit to you. We have a fixed-price guaranteed service which means that you will always get the best service for the best price. Our company provides standard home cleaning that is ideal for those busy people whose homes are in need of a basic clean. We also provide premium home cleaning which is a more thorough service.

School Cleaning Services

We are proud of our portfolio of schools that we currently clean in Sydney. We have worked hard to develop our systems and we have established a reputable role in providing a high quality cleaning services to many schools nationally. We take care of school hygiene and presentation requirements without the headaches of supervision or the Employment Relations issues of employing cleaners directly.

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